Our Classrooms

Every classroom has a theme-based curriculum, complete with its own age-appropriate goals and criteria to maximize the development and happiness of each child.  Our teachers are caring listeners - to your child and to you - to ensure that intellectual, social and physical needs are being met on a daily basis.  

Infant / Toddler


6 weeks to 15 months

A Minnow's day is full of stimulation-storytime, sensory play, basic object recognition and language repetition..  


12 to 24 months

Creatures of habit, Sunfish love daily structure that this classroom provides, including art, introductory letters and numbers as well as imaginary play and music.


24 to 30 months

Communicating with words.  Counting to five.  Following directions and using manners.  Tugboats are excited by the power of knowledge.



2 1/2 to 3 years

Starfish are starting to think and do things for themselves. Expressing feelings in words. Building complex structures.   Learning to manipulate various objects.  


3 to 4 years

Sharing and respect are two words Sailboats know we.. They also know most of the alphabet and how to clean up after themselves.  



4 to 5 years

Dolphins can do it all!  Self-directed.  Problem-solving.

Writing and drawing with confidence.  Talking in sentences.   Beginning reading.  These kids are ready for the next port of call!

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